Friday, June 11, 2010

Would I be out of line, if I said........I miss you

Wow haven't written in this thing in FOREVER.  The end of college hit me hard, with finals/senior week/doing everything "one last time" kept me really busy and, of course, sad.  I really missed writing this blog even though only like 3 people read it lol. So i'm back, as a college graduate! And guess what, i'm walking again! i'm almost completely healed and should be cleared to start running again in about a week or 2.  In the meantime i've re-acquainted myself with the elliptical and SPIN BIKE...seriously i cannot believe i survived 3 months without sweaty cardio.  I'm actually going to be biking 20 miles for the burn unit for a hospital nearby on Sunday with my Dad and have already registered for a 5k race in July.  I'm tellin' ya being crippled for 3 months really makes me motivated to take advantage of the ability to be active! So today i want to show some pictures of my latest creations and talk about an awesome spin work out that i completely made up.

So far i have successfully made: vegan overnight oats, raw vegan macaroons (without a dehydrator!), black bean burger, and vegan chocolate mousse.  there are so many more recipes that i can't wait to try! click the links to try them out for yourself (i think i've made about 4 black bean burgers in the past 2 weeks)


vegan overnight oats w/nature's path gluten-free rice crisps and raw cacao nibs:

black bean burger:

raw vegan macaroon (this picture came out kinda weird but i swear it's delicious:

More to come!! one of my best friend's mom bought me a vegan cookbook called "The Urban Vegan" so i'm gonna try out some of those recipes ASAP, and post about it, of course.

OK so for the SPIN WORK OUT, pick a song and every time the chorus hits, up the resistance to support your body weight and do 8 seconds of jumps (8 seconds up in position 3, and 8 seconds sitting in position 1 or 2 but WITH THE RESISTANCE KEPT UP) i do about 3 sets of 8 second jumps then do about 2 sets of 4 second jumps, some GREAT songs for this are:

More - Usher
Somebody to Love - Justin Beiber
OMG - Usher
Pass Out - Chris Brown

You really can improvise, but the schedule of doing jumps for the chorus, fast medium resistance for the verses, and doing something crazy for the bridge (high resistance sitting, or position 3 the whole time) is really fun and INTENSE!

That's all for now, time to go buy some biking gear for the 20 miler on Sunday :)


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