Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boyfriend #2

"If you gotta man with a buddy on the side say yeaaaaahhh" (madi- you're definitely the only one who appreciated that)

Well it's true, while me and my boyfriend the treadmill are on a break i'm spending some quality time the bosu:

I would usually do weights today but i swam yesterday!!!!! I used a flotation thing and swam with only my arms for 45 minutes.  It was so amazing, and i plan to swim every other day now because swimming is a great way to train for running.  However, my arms and back are extremelyyyyy sore so today i chilled with my other boyfriend, the bosu. We did abs. 

Here is what my weekly workout schedule looked like pre-crutches:

Day 1: half hour cardio (treadmill), chest/shoulders/triceps weight routine, and an ab routine
Day 2: 1 hour of cardio (40 min treadmill, 10 elliptical, 10 bike- usually)
Day 3: half hour cardio (treadmill), back/biceps weight routine, and an ab routine
Day 4: 1 hour of cardio (usually the same as day 2 but varies)
Day 5: half hour cardio (treadmill), biceps/triceps/legs, and an ab routine 
Day 6: 1 hour of cardio 
Day 7: active recovery- tried not to lay in bed all day 

Obviously some weeks i was more motivated than others, we're all human, but this routine is posted up on my wall and kept me on track for the most part.  With the weight routines i ALWAYS wrote them out on a small notecard the night before (i switched the routines up a lot) but bringing the notecard to the weight room motivated me to complete everything, so if you're weight training i HIGHLY recommend doing this.  Also, on weight days if i had time i'd do a 5-10 minute cool down on the bike or elliptical. 

I honestly believe that this workout schedule put me in the best shape i've ever been in.  My last run (the one i broke my foot during) was the best run i've ever had, and before that i'd barely run outside anyway, so my work out routine was clearly doing something.

For more tips on planning work outs, etc, leave a comment or email me!  Also, i found that listening to music while weight training makes it go by a lot faster.  I'm a huge cardio person so weight training has always been kind of tedious for me, but with music and a schedule written out it always goes much more smoothly.

Well it's basically bikini weather so get out a notecard and do it up.  Peace.

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