Saturday, April 3, 2010

Retail Therapy

So, ab-work today was: Polly's yoga for yummy abs - i did this 3 times, i really enjoyed these exercises! they were completely different from anything i've ever done before and i really felt the burn (especially the 3rd time) i probably shoulda pushed myself to do some more but bloomingdales was waiting for me to try on dresses for senior ball. Lunch was this salad: 

Spinach, cherry tomatoes, fresh salsa, red bell pepper, baby carrots, cukes, and lite annie's gingery dressing.  I usually have some sort of healthy fat (avocados/hummus) and protein (veggie burger, tofu, beans) in my salads but lately i haven't had as big of an appetite since i'm not working out hardcore w/the broken paw.  Nonetheless, this salad was delicious and to top it off i had the chocolate kreme raw/vegan macaroon from pure2raw topped with Maranatha Almond Butter (totally copied The Fitnessista's AB hat!)
Such a decadent way to top off my lunch! I washed that down with a glass of lite vanilla silk soy milk, i highly prefer almond milk as my non-dairy milk alternative, but i ran out and i need to keep up the calcium intake to heal this bone!

No work for mom + retail therapy = a BOMB dress for ball (!) just gotta be a Bella Swan (holllllaaa Twilight fans) and rock a boot with it unfortunately...hopefully my date doesn't mind haha.  I also bought some seeds to plant for the garden i'm starting.  I love organic everything so I might as well grow my own, it's also a fun project to look forward to this summer when I'm walking again.  We're going to plant the seeds tomorrow, we got chard, carrots, peppers, sugar snap peas, and i forget what else, hopefully they grow, i have ZERO gardening experience so i'm going to do some research after this post- another thing to get my mind off of my foot.  Crutching around bloomies and home depot worked up an appetite! Luckily i always come prepared as i'm known for being very cranky when i'm hungry:

I'm not sure if they sell these at Whole Foods, but they have them by my school in Allentown, PA at Wegmans.  Unfortunately Whole Foods was a no-go today because we ran out of time, but tomorrow I'm going to see if they have these (don't worry, i called already and they're definitely open on easter!)  So somewhere in between gardening, a POSSIBLE swim trip (!!!!!) with dad we'll be hitting up the WF in wo-town (west orange) for some groceries and lunch since they have a salad bar there (the one in montclair is much smaller and doesn't....lame)

Dinner was at the new location of Veggie Heaven in Denville, NJ.  It was PHENOMENAL, all northern NJ people neeeeed to go there.  I also spotted some sort of organic/energy/juice bar type place while driving through Denville, so I'm definitely going to be hitting that up when I'm back in NJ after graduating in May!  Snap happy:

MORE JUICE!!!!! this had apple, celery, spinach, and beet (i'm not even kidding, this drink made me so giddy, maybe it'll get me to stop drinking alcohol...............ha, i dream big):

Appetizer: Spare Ribs (made of Gluten) and my mom ALWAYS get these

The Main Event: veggie chicken lettuce wraps, this had- edamame, tofu, walnuts, apples, and peppers...i'm definitely re-creating this meal ASAP (obviously had to make this picture big)

 In the lettuce wrap:

The growing wheat grass they sold caught my eye on the way out of dinner, looks like I'll be having another green juice tomorrow morning with some of this:
Today was so much fun, hanging out with my mom was a blast and now I have even more things to look forward to- veggie heaven in denville, my senior ball dress, gardening, and I'll definitely think of more since if I'm not out being driven around by someone I'm pretty much researching nutrition, ob (ob=obviously....can't stand "obv")

Now I'm going to catch up on reading some other food blogs and research gardening for tomorrow! All while enjoying a glass of tea from My Tea Shelf (i got the Cocoda) Yea and if you haven't noticed, not being able to drive has resulted in a huge online shopping addiction.....not really sure how long the "i have a broken foot so i deserve it" justification is gonna fly with mama and papa Berks, but i'll push it for as long as i can ;) 



  1. jocey--this all looks amazing so far...I will be reading your blog every day and its not just because you are my best friend! I am really proud of you!!

  2. thanks SO much madi!!! love youuuu

  3. I am so jealous of your raw macaroon with it's little AB hat! Have you tried barney butter yet? It's really delicious almond butter and they sell it at Kings now. Your blog is great!

  4. OMG really???? i can't wait to try it, i'll have to send my mom back there ASAP since i'm at school lol