Tuesday, April 6, 2010

College Kid Meals

Back at school = less creative meals.  Last night, after getting settled back into our apartment (which barely has a kitchen) I had a one of my standard "i don't feel like making a huge salad" dinners when I have hw to do:

Finally tried my very first Sunshine Burger!  These have a lot of fat BUT the ingredients are soooo simple, the taste is insane, annddd they're filling.  I ate it over a salad with nutritional yeast, (i usually always use "nooch" but i forgot to bring it home for break)  It's this cheesy protein stuff which is good for vegetarians because it has a lot of B vitamins.  I really like it, and pretty much sprinkle it on everything but it might be an acquired taste:

Time to study and fit in a weight routine somewhere, I'll definitely post it later, it'll be- triceps, chest and shoulders.


PS- check out one of my favorite blogs today, Gina of The Fitnessista, discusses stress

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