Sunday, April 4, 2010

How Does Your Garden Growwwwww? (that's a song right?)

Not only is the Whole Foods in wo-town huge, but it also plays great music!  Dad and I partied hard at the salad bar:

From what i remember this had: tempeh, sea veggies, vegan tuna (the bean stuff, no oil), raw cole slaw, lentils, barley (which makes an appearance at dinner too)...and the brocolli/spinach/onions/borings stuff's buried at the bottom somewhere.  Fun fact: put your dressing on the side and you won't have to pay for the extra weight!

I also drank an unpictured Honest Kombucha,  I'm not going to post about Kombucha yet because of it's controversy, but if you're interested shoot me an email/comment!

It's really important to eat slowly so that you can feel yourself getting full, and thus stop eating when you're full.  If you speed through your meal your body won't have the chance to realize you're actually eating, you'll get full super-fast and end up being hungry again muuuuch sooner.  But UGH not everyone's perfect, that salad was so exciting with all the weird ingredients that I ate it a little too fast.  Eating slowly is another thing that takes practice.

Grocery therapy:
(maybe i should brake my foot more often??)
No, in all seriousness, there's no price for good nutrition as you will benefit greatly in the long run.  However, I definitely do not buy all organic EVER and these fun Whole Foods splurges come around once in awhile.  I'm the type of girl who'd rather spend money on healthy, tasteful foods, other girls spend money on weekly spa-treatments (refer to my gross nails in the pictures) so, to each their own

Then came gardening.  Starting a garden is a fun project to look forward to this summer so that i can have fresh, cheap, organic produce right in my backyard, just hope i can keep my dog out:

We planted cukes and chard (chard=big leaf things that are great for veggie wraps)  The leftover dry "stuff" from my morning juice is great compost, according to Martha Stuart who is my mom's idol. So we put that down in the soil too!

Dinner was no-hormone/preservative/disgusting chemical-injected salmon, with barley and steamed veggies.  Yes, I'm a vegetarian, but right now i'm in the process of becoming vegan, so i eat fish once or twice a week...small steps does the trick!  Measured 3 oz of salmon on my new electronic food scale:

(subtracted the weight of the plate, ob)

Complete meal: steamed kale and zucchini, 1/2 cup of barley, salmon w/Mrs's Dash seasoning:

Barley = a really healthy grain, can be bought anywhere but if you buy it in bulk (those big dispenser things) at whole foods it's really inexpensive!

Oh, and when i do not have a salad as a meal, i usually begin the meal with a small salad anyway, just to get some raw veggies in (uncooked veggies retain more nutrients than cooked ones do):

Spring mix as the lettuce base, 1/2 of a big carrot (ate the other half plain), red bell pepper, celery and the standard annie's lite gingery dressing

So there are a lot of things to look forward to in this blog-

-Sister's FASHION post, my sister honestly has the best style, whenever i get complimented on something i'm wearing, my response is always "thanks, it's my sister's" this way, i can write about feeling good from within and she'll write about feeling good on the outside! Stay tuned!

-Calorie Counting and Weight Watchers posts from friends who have successfully lost weight from these methods

-And moooore, so let's hope this thing grows....along with my garden..... 


  1. Love your whole foods purchases! Btw, have you ever had a "cavewoman bar?" Very similar to Larabars, the pineapple upside down cake one is amazing- look out for them.

  2. Ps- aren't you loving the electronic food scale? best thing ever