Friday, April 2, 2010

Broken Foot + Easter Break = Getting Serious About Blogging

So, I broke my foot about 4 weeks ago. Life hasn't been great but after weeks of moping, I'm officially getting serious about this blog. I think it'll really help me keep track of my recovery, eating habits, and everything else! I also am very passionate about sharing everything i've learned about nutrition and weight loss with everyone, and since i've learned most of this information from food blogs, why not start one of my own? I don't know much about blogging so hopefully i can figure out how to jazz this up more soon. Anyway, let's go through some of today's eats since I received some fun packages in the mail!!

Breakfast: fruit salad that consisted of 2 small apples and 6 large strawberries, chopped into small pieces- I've been having plain fruit for breakfast because I'm no longer running 4 miles right after eating breakfast (UNFORTUNATELY) Also, Skinny Bitch (the book) taught me that fruit on an empty stomach in the morning cleanses your body! I also learned a lot more from this book about factory farming and nutrition so I highly recommend it to those who are considering the vegetarian lifestyle.

Lunch: this weather + fresh veggies = huge refreshing salad: red bell pepper, cukes (cucumbers), baby carrots (probably going to turn orange soon), annie's lite ginger dressing, FRESH salsa, oh yeah and spinach as the base of course- sorry I don't have a picture, but variations of this salad is a staple in my life so i'll probably post one tomorrow along with a recipe.

I then experienced my first RAW/VEGAN macaroon, thanks to the twins of pure2raw!!

It was DELICIOUSSSS, and I ate it guilt-free since it's raw and plant-based! (I also ate one of the chocolate ones...had to taste-test them both of course) once i purchase my dehydrator i will definitely be making a bunch of those, but until then, pure2raw will be getting more business from me, especially because they gave me two free samples of flatbreads: cinnamon date and onion-free spinach. the cinnamon date was amazing:
(Saving the spinach one for tomorrow)

Dinner: I'm so excited to use one of the new appliances that came in the mail- a spiralizer! This is Gena's (from Choosing Raw) recipe for zucchini marinara.

It came out great...however i didn't have oregano, thyme, or stevia for the sauce so it was a little tasteless, but i'm new to this so hopefully after some ingredient experimentation i'll have it down. I highly recommend investing in a spiralizer, it's a great and healthy way to satisfy your pasta craving.

That's all for now, I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with a fresh pressed fruit juice for breakfast (bought a juicer today!)

song of the day: Drnk Txt Rmeo - Gym Class Heroes

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