Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hunger Pains?

Ugh another late morning, I think that tea kept me up last night since it has cacao nibs in it.  But anyway, I started today with another juice!



I'm really gonna miss my juicer when I have to go back to school tomorrow.  Anyway, after drinking this , I realized, wait, I wasn't even hungry!  Another important tip i learned from the book, Skinny Bitch, is to wait until you're actually hungry to eat.  I woke up today excited to add wheat grass to my juice that i didn't even think about whether or not i was hungry.  It's very important to only eat (or drink, in my case haha) when you're hungry throughout the entire day, and it's especially important in the mornings because if you're not hungry, that means your body isn't done cleaning, and if it's not done cleaning while you give it more stuff to clean up, it'll stop cleaning what it was originally cleaning and pretend it'll get back to it...but you guessed it, it doesn't, and where do you think it's stored? For me, probably my muffin top....get the idea?

It's sometimes hard to distinguish whether or not you're legit hungry or if you just want to eat because it's "time" or you're "bored" or "everyone else is eating"  it takes practice, i DEFINITELY haven't mastered this yet, but it's something i've been working at and you all should too!

Tip of the day: Listen to your body!!!!! If you wake up and you aren't hungry right away, have a glass of organic tea, stalk everyone you know on facebook, and then ask yourself, do you feel hungry?

Time to shower on my old lady shower stool then off to Whole Foods (finally!) for lunch and grocery therapy

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