Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Salad x2

After some pineapple and a bottle of Kombucha for breakfast, I did this tricep/chest/shoulder weight work out: (not listing poundage because it varies for each)

tricep extension - 2 sets, 10 reps
shoulder press - 3 sets, 12 reps
chest press - 3 sets, 12 reps
another shoulder exercise that i don't know the name for/can't find on youtube - 3 sets, 12 reps
chest flies - 3 sets, 12 reps
tricep dips  (with straight legs b/c that's harder) - 3 sets, 12 reps

Needed some legit protein after that so I had a protein berry smoothie, Gena's recipe (made in the psuedo magic bullet, with Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer instead of hemp protein) so filling, so good.

After class, lunch was a quick and simple salad with spring mix, celery, carrots, bell pepper, and STRING BEANS- definitely a new salad ingredient favorite, sprinkled with nutritional yeast and a tablespoon of lite all natural blush wine vinaigrette.  

While crutching home from class a truck driver stuck his head out his window and yelled "I'LL RACE YA!" - reactions to being a cripple just get better and better each day haha.  

I then forced myself to eat dairy strictly for calcium reasons for the healing bone: non-fat plain greek yogurt with frozen raspberries:

Dinner before night class was the same salad as lunch but with GARLIC HUMMUS!!!! 2 tablespoons mixed throughout the entire salad makes for the best salad dressing ever, unless you're weird like my sister and don't like hummus, GO DO THIS TO YOUR SALAD.  Mixing hummus throughout a salad is the only reason I started liking salads in the first place.  It's hard to believe that a little over a year ago I wouldn't even consider a salad as a meal, if you feel that way now, then go buy some hummus right now (no excuses- wegmans, giant and weis are open 24 hours- the only good thing about PA basically) And apparently hummus is supposed to be pronounced "hooo-moooos" i stand corrected.

Dessert after night class was squash w/cinnamon, because for some reason I was in the mood:

My meals from now on won't be as creative since I'm back at school sans juicer with a sorry excuse of a kitchen (hence, 2 very similar salads in one day)  Also, I really wanted/should have added a protein to my dinner salad but I didn't have time to before class.  This is probably why I'm hungry right now, so lesson learned: don't underestimate the importance of protein.


The Accountant

Throwback joint of the day: Fu-Gee-La by The Fugees


  1. greek yogurt yummmmm! i haven't had it in so long but I love it


  2. if i didnt know any better id think daddy put the truck driver up to that