Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jocey's Juicin'

So I successfully made my very first green juice with the Breville juicer i just bought.  I chose this brand because not only did my friend highly recommend it to me, but so did Gena from Choosing Raw, and i follow her blog quite religiously.  So i got a late start today unfortunately, but there's absolutely no BAD time to drink a 100% raw, living, green juice.  The health benefits of adding fresh juices into your diet are non-negotiable.  Juicing is a great way to get in a large serving of veggies without roughage to your digestive system and also, juicing extracts all of the nutrients out of the plant for you, so you're pretty much drinking straight nutrients. The list goes on, but this blog is about simplicity, i take the millions of blogs i read from various nutrition counselors, extract out the heavy stuff, and give you the juice....

-2 small apples
-1 very generous handful of baby spinach
-1 small stalk of kale
-1 cuke

I thoroughly enjoyed it, but next time i think i'll substitute a pear or papaya for 1 of the could've been sweeter for my liking, but look at what the juicer turned all of those ingredients into:

And that stuff's completely dry! So after a few strawberries my breakfast..lunch(?) was completely raw, alive and filling.  I will be explaining my food philosophy with regard to raw/vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian -ism soon but i would like to make that a separate tab on my blog so first i have to figure out how to do that/if it's even possible!  Now i'm off to do some ab-work, my weights are at school so i'm stuck doing my least favorite exercise (hate doing abs)....i swear i'm burning this boot and crutches the second i'm done with them!  I'll be back later after a trip to whole foods (hopefully) and maybe with a dress for my senior ball????

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